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Proudly Made In The USA

Does "Made in America" really matter?  It does! Fort Knox is proud of the fact that all of the Vaults, Safes, and Pistol Boxes they sell are made in the USA. Not only are all the safes made in America, but their commitment to American made runs deeper than their productions.  Fort Knox's also sources their steel from US steel mills, their fire board is made in America, the interiors in their safes are made in the USA as well.  While there are a few small components that Fort Knox cannot find made in the USA, they work really hard to buy US made parts whenever possible. Why? Because Fort Knox's commitment to supporting the American dream runs deep.

Sadly, not all companies that advertise "Made in America" sell products that live up to what consumers believe that phrase should mean. Some companies only make a couple of products in the USA but advertise loudly that the products they sell are made in the USA. While it is true for those few products the claim leads customers to believe everything they make is made in the USA which it is not.  Other companies use marketing tactics that are patriotic in nature giving people the impression that their products are made in America when in fact they are not made in America at all. 

When looking for a safe, do your homework.  Dig a little and find out what you are buying.  There are a lot of companies willing to take your hard earned money so make sure you are aware of what you are getting for that money.

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