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6026 Size

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Product Details

At 16 cu. ft. and 60" x 26", the 6026 is designed to protect up to 18 long guns. With a depth of 20" (add 3" to the depth for handle & lock), this safe is well sized to fit in a in a variety of locations, even inside a closet. When locked, it is held closed with at least 11, 1 1/2" bolts. The 6026 can be ordered with either a dial lock or an electronic keyboard. An internal power supply is included so that you can plug in your choice of accessories.

The door can also be equipped with a door organizer (standard on some models) to most efficiently utilize space.

Take your pick of 18 exterior colors and finishes, each acrylic urethane finish is applied in four stages and baked on.

Each available model has an exceptional fire rating as well as well as a UL listed burglary label. Our interior carpet, floor and walls, is Velco-friendly so that you can place your accessories wherever you want them. Fort Knox Northwest also offers professional and discreet delivery and installation of your new safe. Basic options and accessories are available online and you can fully customize your vault by either contacting us @ 1-800-238-5669 or visiting the Fort Knox Vault Builder.

Maverick Safe Spartan Vault Defender Vault Protector Vault Executive Vault Marquise Home Safe Legacy Home Safe Treasury Home Safe

Fire Rating

75 mins @ 1200ºF

50 mins @ 1450ºF 90 mins @ 1680ºF

90 mins @ 1680ºF

90 mins @ 1680ºF 120 mins 120 mins

Body Steel Thickness


3/16" 10GA
1/4" 3/16" 3/8"

Door Edge Steel Thickness

3/8" 1/2"


5/8" 1/2"


Stainless Steel n/a n/a Optional Optional Optional n/a n/a
Armaknox AR500 n/a n/a Optional Optional Optional n/a Standard
Inside Steel Liner n/a Optional Optional Optional Optional 10GA Optional

Corner Bolts


n/a Optional


Optional n/a


Locking Bolts


12 13


13 11


Door Organizer n/a n/a Standard Standard Standard n/a n/a
Dehumidifyer Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional



Optional Optional


Optional Standard


Maverick 6026, Spartan 6026, Defender 6026, Protector 6026, Executive 6026, Marquise 6026, Legacy 6026, Treasury 6026

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